Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada
To preserve, enhance and maintain natural areas of Sechelt and its surrounds with special emphasis on the Sechelt Heritage Forest and the Hidden Grove.
"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a songbird will come." -- Chinese proverb
Bench Dedication/Donation Program
Why Donate a Bench
Through our bench program friends and families can create a salutation or dedication by placing a public bench on one of the Groves' pathways or trails. Each bench carries a different story through the words engraved on the attached bronze plaque.

The benches are an attractive and useful addition to our trails providing a place for visitors to rest and to contemplate the beauty of the Groves. They are much appreciated by the many that visit and use Sechelt Groves' pathways every day.
The benches are donations to the Groves and therefore qualify for an income tax receipt. The donation goes directly to the Society and it spends part of the donation to: purchase a bench including delivery and tax; the plaque and its engraving and installation. Any remainder (about 25%) remains to assist in paying overall annual costs for the Groves development and maintenance.

At the $1,500 donation level according to the government website (2012) this is a Federal tax credit of $407.00 and a BC Credit of $201.00 for a total of $608..

The current design is known as a St. James Park bench and is of commercial quality manufactured from low upkeep recycled plastic which appears to be wood. It is rot proof and very strong. If we see a need to change suppliers then there may be a change in the bench design but in such an event we will advise you before any charges are incurred.

Plaque wording
The wording used on any plaque is subject to Society approval. We wish to discourage a cemetery type feeling in the Groves and therefore will not be keen on wordings that emphasize a "dearly departed" or "birth and death dates" or similar. Try to be original and uplifting.

Plaques are 2 3/4 inches high but almost any length to mount Routered into the top horizontal rail. It will easily hold several lines of text and if laid out right can include different sizes of text in bronze print. Since width is not an issue it is common to have a top line centred in largest type and then a lower lines in slightly small type saying a lot more. They look really nice!  See the examples already installed. We will be happy to do a mock-up for you before you order. After the order goes in you will be sent a proof to approve.
Plaques can also include a bronze casting or picture at extra cost but contact us for details as there are requirements for the format of the picture or drawing.

Bench Cost
It costs $1,500 to sponsor a bench for a minimum of 10 years. After 10 years, there may or may not be a renewal charge but we cannot confirm any policy that far down the road. As a volunteer organization we cannot commit to how volunteers may be working then. Maybe the Groves will have a different status as public parks or preserved some other way.

Before any payment is final we will confirm all details including the location and some sort of proof and give you a chance to withdraw or amend your details.

Bench Placement and Number of Benches Allowed
The Society has chosen where it feels benches are appropriate and set out its priorities. You may choose any spot on the list. As a general rule benches will only be allowed at listed spots but you may make a special application for an alternate that will be subject to Board approval.

Please take special note that the Board may determine that only a limited number of benches may be installed in any one year. Preference will be given to the priority list and on a first come, first served basis. A waiting list may be established subject to deposits from those going on it.

Installation and Bench Maintenance
From the time of the receipt of the donation in full it may take approximately 10-12 weeks to complete the installation of a bench (supply, weather and workparty availability are factors).

Our volunteer workparty will do their utmost to keep 'your' bench in good shape including what refurbishing we can do and fixing any placement problems but unfortunately as a completely volunteer group with limited funds we cannot offer any warranty or guarantee beyond that we might get from the supplier of the bench. We will do our very best for you.

Tax Receipts
All donations are to be made out to the Sechelt Groves Society in advance of our placing orders for benches and plaques. More than one person can donate to a bench.
-        Individual tax receipts can be issued for donations of $20.00 or more to the donor whose name and address appears on the                                                        cheque. Of course, all individual donations must total to the full cost of a bench.
-        Cash donations can also be tax receipted when accompanied by the donor name and address.
-        Online donations may only be issued to the person who appears on the online donation form on our website.
-        We can accept Interac e-Transfer Service at our regular email address -

READY - It is easy
Choose a bench location from the list - see list here- Just click to view OR open PDF format. It is also part of the main "DOwnload of information AND the Application.

Order your Bench now! Use our online order form by clicking here

Print out a form from a PDF form available here and send it in with your payment. (IF you printed it out then see the form on the last page of the write-up)


Post Address: Sechelt Groves Society  7000 Sechelt Inlet Road, Sechelt, B.C., V0N 3A4
PLEASE read all of the information on this page before proceeding.
PLEASE read all of the information on this page before proceeding.
5 foot St. James Park Bench
So Nice Even the Queen Approves - See here