Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada
To preserve, enhance and maintain natural areas of Sechelt and its surrounds with special emphasis on the Sechelt Heritage Forest and the Hidden Grove.
"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a songbird will come." -- Chinese proverb
 An interpretive centre for giving presentations about the forest to school groups (might double as community hall for east side of inlet)
Could provide for:EDUCATIONAL FEATURES: school classes from not only local schools but also those from afar on day trips will heavily use the entire park. The educational experience will be enhanced and encouraged by:
 A ´Gathering Space or mini amphitheatre set in the trees providing bench seating in a curved set up with a podium area for a teacher to speak from. The podium would sit upon a small stage area for easier viewing of presentations.
Interpretive signage would be set out describing:
·      The native plants and fauna for the area,
·      The salmon enhancement program including the wetlands of Davis
Brook which are within the park area
·      Historical highlights of the area
·      First Nations history and lore of the area.
COMMUNITY FEATURES: Possible meeting place for local and nearby Associations.
Cost Estimate: $100,000

Parking Lot with signage Done - Nov 1/11
Thanks DoS and work party

An Accessibility trail. Phase I
Completed May 12/12
This was a major project to finish in 2012.  See page for more   Cost Estimate: $15,000 to $20,000
Kiosk Signage
Completed September 19/12
Install bench in Kiosk for resting while waiting!
Completed July 20/12
Main Entrance Kiosk Installed Completed May/12
Major work on viewpoint to install safety railings and route signs.
Done - October/12 to Spring 2013
"No Cycling" Signs installed Completed October/12
Rest areas and benches along accessibility trails
Spring 2013 - Pretty Well done
Accessibility Trail - Phase II - Monty's Way
Completed April 7, 2013
 See page for more  
Cost Estimate: $15,000 plus in-kind and volunteer
Additional parking spots probably  to the right side going in - in slots without taking trees down and maybe towards SIR road.
Completed January/13
Thanks DoS

Rare rhododendron patches established in off trail areas.
December 2013 - Planted
Thanks to Ron Knight of the Sechelt Botanical Gardens, 3 patches of rare Elphinstone rhododendrons have been installed.
General improvements to all the existing trails as assessed by the work parties.
Ongoing - forever
Thank you very much Work Party guys

Work with Community Forest and DoS and SIB to get Section 56 status for Hidden Grove - like Sechelt Heritage Forest for permanent protection.
All new signage along the trails.
All done and keeping up
Sechelt Community Foresthas committed to working with SGS to create and install these.
Progress December 2016
Interpretive Signs to educate about plants and features
A Complete List From Start to Finish (as much of 'Finish' we know right now)
All projects are done by the Trailbuilder/Work Parties.
Projects require money too and this is where you come in -

* Cost Estimates very rough and exclude the value of volunteer labour.
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