Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada
To preserve, enhance and maintain natural areas of Sechelt and its surrounds with special emphasis on the Sechelt Heritage Forest and the Hidden Grove.
"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a songbird will come." -- Chinese proverb
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To construct 2 trails to "Wheelchair Accessible" standards so that those in wheel chairs or with walkers may visit the Hidden Groves Ancient Forest experiencing the variety of old growth trees and the ambiance of a true West Coast Forest.
May 12, 2012
This Trail Completed with an Official Opening
Read all about it and see pictures of ceremony

Over 70 people turned out for the Opening Ceremony and ribbon cutting for the New Trail. It all went wonderfully well.
All the highlights are pictured in the Album here but a few special ones:

Invite Poster
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Thank you Poster
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(Please support them)
A grant of $3,000

District of Sechelt:
Councils-past and present
Engineering & Public Works
Sustainability, Parks, Finance
A grant of $2.200

A grant of $6881.
 Their Website

PHONE: 604-885-7906
Jason Herz and his machine worked on the Handicap trail at a DEEP discount.

VERY Special deal on crusher dust
A grant of $2,000.
See the Website

VERY Special deal on crusher dust/delivery
AND some super individuals who put in the personal touch:
Michel Frenette -Senior park technician at SCRD
Rupert Clark
Michael Davidson
Bob D'Arcy
Ken Hall
Louis Janke
Marilyn & Jay Jares
Mike Lane
Mike Sutcliffe
Gray Waddell
Damien Wallbank
  • Dave Lasser of the Sunshine Coast Community Forest announced that they are proceeding to apply for Section 56 protection for the Hidden Grove. this will give a virtually permanent protection to the area like the Sechelt Heritage Forest.
  • Mayor John Henderson spoke praising and thanking all the Society volunteers and the efforts made to create such a wonderful area. He couched his remarks both as a representative of the District of Sechelt but also as the official rep for the Island Coastal Economic Trust.
  • Bonnie Klein cut the ribbon in fine style and lead the parade up the new trail.
See rough notes of the introduction remarks by Society President, Bob D'Arcy in PDF
(See Below for a complete history of the project)
SEE - Souvenir Handout               Coast Reporter Shot
MAY - Kiosk installation proceeds. May 7th and 8th another dressing of the new Trail to make it nice for the opening on May 12th. On May 10th a very unfortuante incident in the Kiosk construction as Rupert Clark fell from a ladder and had to be heli-lifted to Vancouver with 4 crushed vertabrae. As this is written (May 13) an up date is that Rupert had 5 hours surgery but it all went well and a full recovery is expected. Our fingers crossed.
APRIL - Very poor weather restricted activities but dreesing up of the sight was done and things like the parking lot were improved. Getting started on Kiosk installation
MARCH 26-28 - The last of the crusher dust is spread and the Trail is finished. Just some dressing up and some final compacting to go.
Will be cleaning up some of the holes and distrubances along the Trail so it all looks better.
March 24/12 - Finally back to work with the distribution of the crusher dust with the tracked machine over a 2 day period. Then the gang will get at spreading and compressing it to finish the trail. Album is updated with pictures 53 on.

That is It!
Click pic to see larger

Feb. 27/12 - Work on hold pending replacement machine but over 70% done. Looks like about 5 days or so to finish trail then signage and kiosk.
Feb 18 - Coast Reporter advises of Island Coastal Trust Grant
Feb 13/12 - Island Coastal Economic Trust Press Release about grant for Handicap Trail - See In PDF
Feb 11/12 - More expensive tracked Bobcat is brought in and the workparty begins work in earnst to fill ruts and distribute crusher dust.
Feb 8 to 10 - Wheeled Bobcat digs ruts!
Feb 7/12 - Bobcat arrives in the afternooon.
Feb 6/12 - in spite of lots of advice and a whole day wasted working, the special machine cannot come close to doing the job. At the same time a borrowed tractor is not working. It is decided to rent a proper Bobcat and spend afternoons moving material with volunteers spreading and compacting in the mornings.

Once some funds are in hand work would commence using our team of Volunteers and buying materials or renting equipment as the funds allowed. With sufficient funds in hand the entire main trails project should be completed in 8 to 10 weeks (weather permitting).
Our goal is to start in May, 2011

 PROJECT BUDGET SUMMARY: (Includes no charges or stipends for a great deal of planned Volunteer labour) 
Cost estimate for Hidden Groves Handicap Trail 
 Materials:       262 metric tons of sand/clean fill            $1920     
          150 metric tons of road base/crushed rock           $2165       
                              62 metric tons of crusher dust            $  985   
Trucking:         33 loads at $85/hr                                    $3170
Machine Time [contracted out]:  
  Bobcat for 60 hours at $80/hr + delivery                     $5600  
  Compactor                                                                      $2000
    TOTAL ESTIMATED  BASIS #1                           $15,840 
Machine Time [volunteer labour]:  
  2 weeks Bobcat rental at $1250/wk + delivery            $2950  
  Fuel for 12 days at $40/day                                           $  480  
  2 weeks compactor rental at $240/wk + gas                $  625
    TOTAL ESTIMATED  BASIS #2                             $12,295 
EARLY DETAILS   - Click Pictures to see larger
(Click to see larger)
June 20/11 - Checking the route
Volunteer experts Jason Herz (SCCA and machine owner/operator) and Michel Frenette (SCRD Trail expert with Quebec degree in trailbuilding) along with Grove members Michael Davidson and Bob D'Arcy (took picture) reviewed the entire route of the planned trail. A much revised route was decided upon for a multitude of reasons. The new route will be a bit longer and much more interesting - enough that those who do not have wheel chairs will enjoy it!
Now the Volunteers will start making the new route.

August 5/11 - Provincial approval to take down the trees as needed on the new route. See letter
December 2/11 A special grant of up to $6,681 is confirmed.
November 10/11 - Bill for machine work reflects very generous and good deal for the Grove from Small World Excavating - See letter
October 21, 2011 - The machine gets to the end to the pad for wheelchair turn around. On way out it will smooth trail. Next is compressing and crusher dust hauled in and compressed - lots of work.
October 15/11 - Progress after a week off - almost to the "Saddle" at the top
October 13 - TD Friends of the Environment Confirm grant
September 19, 2011 - Big Day - Machine work starts on the Trail - 1st and 3rd Day
August 31, 2011 - Basic clearing of Trail started near parking area
August 9, 2011 - MoF Fire Suppression provide tree clearing for Handicap Trail -  See pictures

Album to end of machine preparing
Feb 1/12 - Lehigh and Swanson's Give VERY special rate on crusher dust and trucking for Handicap Trail. Thank you both.
Jan 27/12 - The very special machine arrives that will be used to haul and spread the crusher dust to surface the Trial.
Thank you to Marilyn Jares who is allowing us to store it in her yard (across from the Grove) when not in use.

Jan 24/12 - person using Zimmer frame spotted on unfinished Trail - They can't wait!!!
January/12 - Special machine is to arrive that can haul the crusher dust and spread it on the new trail
Start of the Clearing for the Handicap Trail
Part of parking area dedicated to
Handicap parking. Room for two vans.
Bus parking is nearer entrance.
District has promised Handicap Only signage for spring
Looking towards the Handicap Parking area during construction. Red Arrow points
to start of Handicap Trail.
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